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MARY & MAX (OmU) Montag 25.07.2011

Freaks, but to the heart, USA 2009, 92 Min., Director: Adam Eliot, with: Mary, Max Rated: 12

The man emerges from eggs laid by the Catholic nuns or rabbis, according to religious affiliation. Atheists are laid by prostitutes. This is just one of the completely wrong versions with which Max delights his pen pal, Mary. The two are the most eccentric movie couple since HAROLD AND MAUDE. Max is a 44-year-old New Yorker, who suffers from an autistic disorder. Mary is a lonely eight-year old girl from Australia. They lead the most grotesque letters of cinema history.

Oscar-winner Adam Eliot has set the warm and virtuosic as animation with clay figures in the scene, which contrasts to the awareness of the recent digital 3-D fuss. The film was inspired by the way Eliot has his own pen pal to a quirky man in New York. In order to present you with the quirky humor and the great voices of genuine high-profile speakers, we show the film in the original English with German subtitles.

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2 Kommentare zu „MARY & MAX (OmU)“

  1. Ein ganz wunderbarer Stop-Motion-Knetfiguren Film, in bester Tradition von WALLACE & GROMIT.

    Kino Mond und Sterne am 25.07.2011 um 01:18

  2. Die Sonne kämpft sich durch :o) Alle Wetterdienste sagen uns einen trockenen Abend voraus. Fast ideale Bedingungen für MARY & MAX! Alle die HAROLD UND MAUDE mögen werden Mary Daisy Dinkle & Max Jerry Horovitz lieben.

    Kino Mond und Sterne am 25.07.2011 um 17:41